Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Wolf Guard - Unleashing the Underworld

Yet another update on The Wolf Guard - Unleashing the Underworld. I have just completed the seventh chapter and once again I am very very happy with the direction the novel is going. It is currently at 18,000 words and I don't know where it will end up at! Encroaching Dark is approximately 63,000 words although I think Unleashing the Underworld may possibly exceed that. All of that aside, I did a fair bit of driving today and came up with a lot of answers to questions I was having for the story. That has always been my best creative time, when I am alone in the car for hours on end.

I have also decided to include the opening scene of Unleashing the Underworld as a preview at the end of Encroaching Dark. Ideally, once Encroaching Dark is released it will not be too long until Unleashing the Underworld follows.

Today was an especially good day as I came up with the main body and the ending of Unleashing the Underworld as well as a portion of the third untitled novel in the series. I seriously can not get the information down on paper fast enough to keep up with my thoughts!

I need to remind myself to stay focused on getting Encroaching Dark released as I am already getting excited about the upcoming projects and the first has not even hit stores!



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