Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Time is Nearly Upon Us

I am so pleased to be able to announce that the Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark, my first self-published novel is on the cusp of being released!

The cover art is just going through some final finishing touches for the ebook version and then the full cover for the print version with be completed shortly after.

I took the opportunity to format the novel into the ebook version for publishing on Kindle and I am that much more excited for the release after seeing a preview of it on the Kindle viewer! After the countless hours spent writing the novel, editing it, formatting and then re-formatting, editing some more and stressing over what the final product would look like....I am blown away. All the hard work has come together to create something that I am genuinely proud of. The whole process has been so enjoyable and I am looking forward to releasing more novels in the future. The second novel of the Wolf Guard series is half way to completion so it will not be too long until I am releasing it as well! I was able to place a small preview of Unleashing the Underworld at the end of Encroaching Dark so that readers can get a taste of the second novel after having purchased the first one.

It is all coming together so nicely and I appreciate all of the support along the way.

Next post....the release date.


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