Monday, 15 August 2011

Curry Omelette?

As you may have seen on the little blurb about me by my picture, I am a fan of food as well as writing. I really enjoy cooking and creating different dishes. It is a wonderful hobby to have considering I also like to work out...thus the two interests play off of one another perfectly. I like to eat lots...I like to work out lots, I need to eat to be able to work out and I work out because I like to eat (plus a number of other reasons). Thus, to recap, more working out equals more eating which makes me a very happy individual.

All that being said I am just about to go work out so I had a meal that I can turn into muscle...eventually. For that meal I decided to make an omelette, having nothing better to put into the omelette I used a combination of curry powders. I had absolutely no idea what the omelette would end up tasting like, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it!

4 eggs
Organic Hemp Milk
Herbamare (Spicy) sea salt
Olive oil (for the pan)
Madras Curry Powder

Now, I use all organic food, free range organic fed chicken eggs etc. Although I am sure it would taste just fine without organic ingredients. Give it a try! (Do not hold me responsible if you don't like it what so ever. I have been known to create some odd things.) Unfortunately, I don't measure when I cook so just play with the ingredients a bit!

Off to convert that protein into muscle!


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