Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Joys of Self Publishing

This is all so very thoughts are consumed by it. Everything I do at the moment revolves around it. I feel as though I have discovered a long lost world, and the deeper I delve into this world the more at home I feel.

It is........................Self Publishing!

This whole Ebook self publishing has got to be one of the best concepts in the world. Not only does it allow me to do what I enjoy without feeling as though I lose any of my creative voice, it also lets me do it professionally. I am able to turn one of my favourite past times into a means by which to spread my hard work to others so as to allow them to...hopefully...enjoy my work as well!

I have found that this has been the best way I have been able to express myself and my interests without feeling hindered in any way, and I am very excited to continue further down this road.

With the release of The Wolf Guard - Encroaching Dark I will finally be able to say that not only did I accomplish my life long goal of finishing a novel, but I also published that novel. Then I will be able to get back to work on the second novel of the series The Wolf Guard - Unleashing the Underworld which has temporarily been put on hold pending the release of the first book. Unleashing the Underworld is already about 5 chapters in and I must say that based on what was built on in the first novel, I am really excited as to where it is going!

The cover is starting to take shape and I am really really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Not to mention I am enjoying every moment of the creative process of working with the artist to design it.

Time to go eat and release some of this energy from all the excitement with a punching bag workout. Then I will be off to walk the dog! While I obsess over the release of the novel and all the exciting things that come along with it of course!


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