Friday, 9 September 2011

Print Version of Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark

The countdown has begun until the print version of Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark is made available! The fully formatted print version and the new full cover have been submitted for review to the printing company. Now, within 48 hours I will hear back if the book is ready to go into print or if it needs some revising!

I am very excited to be announcing this news as it is the final step in the publishing process for Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark.

I am hoping to get back to work on Wolf Guard Unleashing the Underworld once Encroaching Dark is fully published. The second novel of the series is still at the half way point and I am starting to fine tune the details of the third novel that has yet to be named.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have given me support along the way! As well I would like to thank Patrick Parish of COG Studios for the fantastic cover artwork! I look forward to working with Patrick and COG Studios in the future. Check out the link to his site!

I will officially announce the release of the print version as soon as I have confirmation that it is ready to be shipped!


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