Monday, 15 August 2011

This is Getting Ridiculous

Alright, so I have read on some forums for self publishers how addicting the whole process can become. I thought I was immune to the addictive qualities of this amazing form of entertaiment/employment/time consuming process, but apparently I am not. There is seriously so much to be done and so many itneresting new tasks to embark on within the literary world. I thought it was bad enough how obsessed I was getting with writing, and now the publishing side is just as bad. Perhaps it is due to the novelty of the whole thing. It is new and there is so very much to learn. Hopefully I can get a hold of my new addiction over time.

I think I will start a support group for Writers Anonymous.

Anyway, an update to everything is that the cover is still in the works and editing has been completed. I am currently working on the next novel, Unleashing the Underworld and hope to have it completed before Christmas.

I need to go do something else for now and try to break the trance I am in. I have been lurking on my computer all day reading, learning and promoting. Time for an outing!


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