Saturday, 13 August 2011

Musings After Midnight

The moon shone bright last night as it hung in the sky. There is always something about a full moon that invigorates me. There was just enough cloud cover to add a very surreal look to the sky as the moon burst through holes in the clouds. As I was driving (around 3:00 am) through the towering Rocky Mountains I was utterly inspired by the look of the moonlight against the trees and mountain tops. I spend so much of my time seeing things that many people do not get the opportunity to see, and I am thankful for that! It is partly a result of the beautiful place I live in and partly due to the fact that the nature of my work takes me to some of the most fantastic....and horrible, places imaginable! So much inspiration, so little time!

Speaking of inspiration, the other day I was hiking in a National Park when I came across a little old cabin, which was literally placed in the absolute middle of nowhere. It was tucked away in the trees off of the main trail. Apparently, it was one man's place of solitude for many years until he was placed in a care home after he was discovered. It is very interesting to think what his life must have been like, in the silence of the forest, just him and the wild things. I must say that I gained quite a bit of inspiration from this discovery for future novels!

I am off to search for my next inspiration!


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