Saturday, 13 August 2011

So It Begins...

Welcome to my first ever blog!

I don't quite know where to start with this although I suppose I should begin with the reason for creating this blog in the first place.

I am preparing for the launch of my debut novel that is to be released as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle. I have made it through all of the editing stages (hopefully) and the novel should be released shortly! It is a fantasy novel that is based in a fictional city ruled over by a demon vampire who has been waging a war with the Druid civilization that inhabits the woods surrounding the city. The Druids are losing ground and their only hope is to find their saviour, a shape shifter known as the Wolf Guard. Unfortunately for the Druids, their saviour has no knowledge of his destiny...let alone how to transform into the wolf warrior that is needed to save the Druid world.

The Wolf Guard : Encroaching Dark which is book one of the series, will hopefully prove to be a must read on any readers list!

Currently I am awaiting a cover for the ebook...I believe I have found an artist, although things are still in the development stage.

I shall keep my blog updated as things progress.

Thank you for visiting!


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