Monday, 15 August 2011

The Wolf Guard - Unleashing the Underworld

I am feeling rather good, I have just completed the sixth chapter of The Wolf Guard - Unleashing the Underworld, the second book in the Wolf Guard series. Mind you I may have completed another chapter but after the book is finished there is a large amount of editing, revising etc to do. Although it just feels great to have a clear direction of where the second novel is going and to see it coming together. I think that is one of my absolute favourite parts of writing. You take a story that never existed and are able to create and share it. It is a really amazing feeling!

As I have said, I am very excited about where the second novel is going, just the feel and the atmosphere of it all is exactly how I wanted it to go. I am hoping for great things from this series!

It is also exciting to be underway with the second novel when the first is not even on sale yet! It feels as though I am ahead of the game! Not to mention it helps to pass the time with all this excitement and anticipation.

Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest thus far in my writing. Although you have not been able to see any of it yet, I hope to not dissapoint!


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