Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Working Away

I would have to say it is One of my favorite feelings when I complete a chapter. This is especially true when a chapter flows very nicely as chapter 22 has! That is right Unleasing the Underworld is on chapter 22! It is coming together very nicely and as the second novel of the trilogy nears the end I am feeling very happy with it! The joys of rewriting and editing are just around the corner as well.

It may not be a while until Unleashing the Underworld is released but I really want to make sure it is at its best before it is released!

I have just picked up a new cd for writing which fits so well with my style! The artist is a young man from Sweden and like me he is an independent artist. His name is Adrian Von Ziegler, check him out on YouTube he has some great stuff! He and I have also discussed his music being used in the book trailers and we are both very excited about!

All the news I have for now, check back soon for more updates!


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