Friday, 28 October 2011

The Ever Changing World of Wolf Guard

I have reached a point with Unleashing the Underworld that I feel if I write anything further I will be delving too much into the third book. Thus I am very excited to say that Unleashing the Underworld is complete!

I am now in the editing stages of the second novel and I have come to a conclusion about the entire Wolf Guard series. I have had a vision for Wolf Guard since day one and that is that it would be a trilogy in one novel. Thus Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark, Unleashing the Underworld and the tentatively named Sacrifice will be compiled into a single novel that will be broken into three parts. This will take some re-working of the originally published Encroaching Dark by adding the remaining two novels to the already existing formatted documents.

The saga of Wolf Guard continues as I push ahead with the editing of the novels and the writing of Wolf Guard Sacrifice.

That is all the news from C.R. Paynton literary for now!


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