Friday, 30 September 2011

Now that Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark is Out.......Unleashing the Underworld is soon to Follow!

Hey everyone!

I am currently working hard on Wolf Guard Unleashing the Underworld which is the second novel in the Wolf Guard trilogy. With the full release of Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark it will only be a matter of time before the second novel is out but there is a have to have read the first novel to be ready for the second!

Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark is now available for all Ereaders both on as well as Both links can be found on the side bar of the blog under "Where to Buy". For those readers that prefer the classic print version, you can also get your copy of the novel in print from Amazon should be carrying the print version soon as well.

Unleashing the Underworld is currently at Chapter 19! After the editing is completed and the cover design done I am hoping to release it prior to Christmas!

If anyone is interested in a signed copy of the novel just send me an email at and we will work on getting a copy to you!


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  1. will be pestering you for a signed copy or two :-), I think that would be a great idea for Christmas gifts.